PlantCurious: the first vegan and organic subscription box!

Hey guys!
If you follow me on Instagram (@marta_canga) two weeks ago I had the chance to attend the pre-launch party of Plant Curious, organised by the super-talented and super-efficient team at Vevolution.
It was such an inspiring event packed with amazing people within the vegan community. There was delicious food (even too much delicious food!) and it was organised in the brand new plant-based venue 10 Cable Street.

Vevolution organises a lot of events around the topics of plant-based food, sustainability and ethical fashion, so make sure you subscribe and follow them to keep in the loop.

Plant Curious is the first vegan AND organic subscription box in the UK. It all started when Angela, the co-founder of the company, found out that her father had an unfortunate cancer. He amazingly extended his life for two more years thanks to plant-based nutrition and juicing on an everyday basis, no chemo required. This miracle inspired the rest of the family to adopt a healthier and plant-based diet.

Having learned about vegan food and how to cook tasty recipes made from plants, they realised there was a gap in the market for veggie and organic food subscription boxes. So being plant curious as they are, they launched the business in the hope of making people’s lives healthier and also easier.

Plant Curious offers a box with a selection of organic vegetables, recipe cards and all the ingredients you need to make super delicious plant-based meals for you and the people you care about.

You can pre-order a box today for £35 (RRP £42) that will include free delivery and a tote bag.

Check them out here – –  for more info

I hope you will give them a try, if you’re a busy person who enjoys having their food delivered and wants to try a healthier lifestyle. The boxes with ingredients come with recipes, which are easy to follow and to prepare. I had the chance to prepare a ratatouille after this event, which I really enjoyed!
Looking forward to hearing your comments and opinions about this, so make sure you leave a comment and tell me what you think!
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5 Top Foods to Maintain Gut Health

Hey guys!
Here is another little post about healthy food. And more precisely, about gut health!
I must confess that I do like superfoods, and I try to incorporate them in my diet as much as possible. But even though they are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, today I want to talk about 5 green foods that will help us maintain gut health. Gut health is absolutely crucial for keeping our immune systems healthy and fully functioning. Gut health also keeps us feeling great and looking good! So keep reading if you want to know 5 top foods to maintain gut health.

1. Matcha

I’m a huge fan of matcha. Rich in amino acids, vitamins and in B complex, it’s a super antioxidant. This means that it will stimulate immune function, promotes healthy bowel movements, boosts the metabolism, and has anti-cancer, alkaline and anti-ageing properties. Not bad for a single teaspoon of this delicious tea! I like to make matcha lattes by mixing:
1 cup of oat milk (or any other plant milk)
1 tsp matcha powder
1 tsp agave
a pinch of vanilla powder
In a saucepan, heat oat milk gently. In a glass, mix matcha powder, with a  little bit of hot water. With an electric whisk, mix until combined. Then, pour the green mixture into the hot milk, and add the agave and vanilla powder. Strain while you serve it (you don’t want those little lumps of matcha) and voilà!

2. Kiwi Fruit

It’s high in vitamin C, potassium and is rich in fibre, too. This particular food is amazing for your gut, as it contains a digestive enzyme that is great for you. You will also find it in other exotic fruits such as mango, pineapples and papayas! This enzyme regulates gut function, aids with the absorption of nutrients during digestion, and is a great probiotic.

3. Leafy Greens
Don’t be surprised if I mention this one in this list. I always buy leafy greens when I do groceries, and I feel weird if I leave the supermarket without some kale or spinach. I absolutely love dino kale actually! Leafy greens are an amazing source of vitamins C, K, B complex, folic acid (great for pregnancy), iron, calcium and potassium. So if you’re deficient in any of these, just amp up your kale! These vitamins will nourish and heal your body, as well as the lining of the digestive tract. This is also important for supporting a healthy kidney and liver function.

4. Avocados

My favourite! Avocados are no only good source of heart-promoting fats, but that also maintain a healthy gut lining and strong immune system. Think about this the next time you eat an avocado on toast! Avocados are also great for assisting recovery from sickness or illness, and also prevents from muscle wastage. So this is perfect for a post-workout snack too.

5. Wheatgrass
Super-rich in chlorophyll, which is what gives fruits and veggies their colour, wheatgrass is rich in magnesium, is naturally anti-inflammatory, alkalising and is super-cleansing. It helps eliminate toxins from your body and helps prevent the growth of pathogens.
Keep in mind that this list is non-exhaustive and there are so many other great gut-friendly foods such as basil, berries, beetroot, chia seeds, carrots, garlic, lemon… Not everything has to be green! The point is, that plant-based foods are a great source of phytochemicals that will help your body fight diseases, and fibre-rich foods will support weight loss and a healthy functioning metabolism. I’ve listed my top super foods that help your body support optimal digestive health, so enjoy a cup of matcha or some garlic spinach as a side dish, and tell me you you feel about it later on!
With love,


Vegan Look: Japanese Jacket | Matt&Nat and Bahatika

Hey guys!
As you may know already, I lived in Japan for six months during my third year of university as an exchange programme. To be honest, I remember didn’t mind so much where I went, as long as it was in Tokyo! I came back to Europe totally in love with that place, and every spring I see the cherry blossom season and I just die a little inside because it’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry! (I know, I know, cheesy as it can get but, come on, aren’t cherry trees stunning?)
So this is what this jacket reminds me of. It’s got the sakura flowers, the green, the black, and I’m so proud every time I wear it because it reminds me of all the efforts I made a long time ago to learn Japanese and now being able to more or less speak it makes me so happy!

These shots were taken in Parc, a tube stop in Brussels very close to the Royal Palace, if you’ve ever been. If you haven’t been to Brussels then please come, you’re missing out on the best chips of your life! But regardless of greasy topics, I can confidently say that I have fallen also in love with this little Matt&Nat bag and these Bahatika trainers.

I already spoke about Bahatika in this article, so I’m not going to go into too much detail. I will just say that I have been wearing them non stop because they are so comfortable and they go with so many outfits!


                                                       Photogaphy by Noémie Kreitlow

With love,

Vegan Look: Black Chic | LaBante, Bourgeois Boheme, Votch

Photography by Noémie K

Hi guys!

So in case you haven’t noticed, I quite like black. I mean… I love black. No need to explain, I think we all know why. It slimming, it goes with everything, and it just looks cool!

As I was changing outfits for the photoshoot I did with my dear friend Noémie, I just had a simple pair of skinny jeans, my favourite LaBante bag, and my favourite Bourgeois Boheme shoes. Turns out that we both loved this outfit – which was just an in-between outfit – and the result is quite pretty in my humble opinion.

Couldn’t post an outfit without my Votch watch, in black and gold. You can find it hereI recently became a brand ambassador, meaning that my role is to represent the brand as much as possible. I do honestly love every single watch of that shop, so don’t be surprised if I talk about it all the time!
Votch is a vegan leather watch company, that sells watches made without animal skins or derived materials. While aiming at delivering high quality watches and timeless pieces, Votch is becoming the number one vegan watch company out there, receiving lots of attention from many retailers and even winning the PETA award for best vegan watch company only six months after it launched last year. I’m beyond amazed by Laura Stageman‘s hard work with her company, and I always try to do my bit in helping out, as I am convinced that they are suitable for both vegans and non-vegans, because the style of the watches is simply stunning. Have a look for yourself!

I can’t count how many outfits I’ve worn with my Olivia loafers from Bourgeois Boheme… Please don’t mind me! I just think that they are ever so stylish and they just give that stylish ‘oomph’ to any outfit! Bourgeois Boheme is probably amongst my top 5 favourite vegan shoe companies out there. These loafers are 100% leather-free, eco-friendly and ethically handmade, and they have been produced in sunny Portugal. With super comfortable natural latex insole, they are lined with breathable and biodegradable plant-based bio-polyoils.

As I have mentioned in the past,  LaBante is a PETA certified bag and accessories brand that focuses on producing vegan, ethical and environmentally friendly fashion for all women. All their materials are ethically sourced with no animal cruelty, and the linings of the bags are made of recycled polyester. Dust bags and tags are also made with recycled materials, and on top of all this, 10% of the profits go to charity! I already have the Serin Quilted Bag, as I showed you in this blog post, but honestly, I just love their ethical but luxurious handbags. I’m wearing the Demi bag in this outfit post.

A cheeky hello from me! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day. 

Please do let me know what you think about this outfit in the comments down below, and I will see you all very soon!



Photography by Noémie Kreitlow
With love,

New In: Noah’s Italian Vegan Shoes

Hi guys!
Now that it’s summer and we are all starting to get fresher shoes, I thought I would talk about one of my newest acquisitions: the Catherine ballerina flats by Noah’s Vegan Italian Shoes.
Although these were super kindly gifted to me, I still think they deserve a mention as a vegan shoe brand. So if you’re looking for a pair of high quality vegan shoes, keep on reading!

1. About Noah’s Italian Vegan Shoes

I had the chance to speak with Peter Mayar, who kindly introduced me to the brand. They are actually German, but the shoes are made in small Italian factories in the North. The idea was to create Italian quality shoes that were respectful towards the animals and the environment. Offering fair work conditions to its workers, Noah’s shoes are completely vegan, thus ensuring that every model is eco-friendly. Furthermore, the materials are non-toxic and hypoallergenic!
I’ve worn them a couple of times, and I can confirm that the shoe quality is amazing. You can tell they’ve been handmade and they adapt to your foot. The sole is comfortable enough to walk in them all day, like I did this morning around Notting Hill.
Noah was established in 2009, making it a pioneer in sustainable and ethical footwear. They also offer other things, such as bags, wallets, belts and hats. So go have a look at their website here if you want to discover the other lovely things they offer. 

2. Why no leather

I already spoke about the terrible consequences of leather production in a couple of articles, such as here and here. But if you’re new around here, let me explain why I said no to leather.
Every year, about 230 million cows, 350 million sheep, 175 million goats and 700 million pigs are butchered for their meat and skin. What is more, 20% of these animals are fed with 49% of the world’s corn and 90% of the soybeans. Meaning, that world hunger would be cut down considerably if we stopped consuming so much meat and fish, and their derivatives.
Needless to say that apart from hurting and slaughtering the animals in no-way humane, the  breeding and consequential manufacturing of leather takes enormous amounts of energy, water, and land. Apart from the heavy chemicals used for processing the leather which take up so much water, the intense modification of the animal skins is also heavily polluting
3. About the Catherine ballerina flats

You can do all the research on this topic, as it is readily available online and it’s all free. That is why it is our responsibility to start changing the way we eat, but also the way we dress. Thankfully also, innovation is right in front of our doors. When you have such beautiful materials like microfibre, why hurt animals?
These ballerina flats are precisely that: they are made with microfibre, a lightweight, water-resistant, comfortable and and hypoallergenic. It’s made out of ultra-fine polyester, and unlike suede, it’s waterproof. The sole of the Catherine flats are made with a blend of natural and recycled rubber.
The rest of my outfit is simply good for spring/summer. I’ve had these shorts for three years and I bought this shirt a year ago as well.

What do you think of these shoes? They remind me of the classic Chanel ones!

With love,

Vegan Look: Khaki Suede | Bourgeois Boheme, Votch, Matt&Nat

Photography by Noémie K.
Hey guys!
Hope you’re all having a good week so far. I’ve been quite busy over here, so I know that it’s boiling out here in London but I still want to show you these gorgeous shots taken by my talented friend Noémie.

I was back in Belgium recently, and called her to shoot a couple of vegan outfits for the blog. We’ve actually worked together several times in the past, but I couldn’t help but brag about her incredible photography skills… She gave me some serious equipment-envy (can you blame me though?)

So I decided to wear this khaki faux-suede jacket from Zara (I’ve seen a couple of people with the same jacket and it drives me crazy! I hate seeing people with the same stuff as me), along with a grey denim shirt that I got in Japan three years ago, skinny black jeans and some vegan accessories.
I’ve already wore by Bourgeois Boheme Grace boots in this and this blog posts. Bourgeois Boheme is a Peta-approved vegan brand that specialises in innovative, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly shoes. These boots are made with microfibre PU (the best kind of eco vegan leather), breathable seed-based linings and comfortable latex insoles. On top of it all, they are handmade in Portugal and they are super stylish!
You will also have noticed my Matt&Natt Scarlett cross-body bag. I also wore it here, but I love it for the weekends! I tend to choose hold-all kind of bags, since I love carrying all my stuff in one place, but this one is perfect for the little bits and bobs when you pop into the grocery store. Matt & Nat make vegan and eco-friendly bags. All of their bags have recycled plastic bottle linings and I can confidently say that every vegan has at least one bag of them in their closet!
I absolutely love my Votch watch too. This one is the classic model in black and gold, but they have so many other colours as well. Whatever your heart desires!
Hoping you all liked this outfit, I wish you a gorgeous day!
Photogaphy by Noémie Kreitlow
With tons of love,

Vegan Look: White on White | Bourgeois Boheme, Votch, LaBante

Hi guys!
I really hope you’re enjoying the new pictures lately, I want to share every single shot that Simon Way shot during the Votch New Collection photoshoot campaign. They’re honestly so good I wish every picture on my Instagram (@marta_canga) and my blog had pictures this good.
I’m back with another vegan and cruelty-free outfit, head to toe. This time, I combined my white trousers from my previous post, with a white jumper, and black accesories. I honeslty really like how they turned out, and it’s particularly appropriate for this time of the year. Of course you can add more colour to it, but I’m quite minimalistic and I feel more confident when I actually don’t wear bright colours. But hey! At least I’ve got the flowers in the background to give these shots a bit of life! 😉
For this outfit, my accessories are what makes it all vegan and PETA-certified. I have been wearing the LaBante Demi bag non-stop since I got it, as it’s got so many little compartments, zippers and pockets which makes it perfect for me. Call me Mary Poppins if you wish, but I love to have everything I need in my bag, and it has to be super organised. Otherwise it drives me crazy (If you have a little OCD with neatness like me, please make yourself known, I don’t want to be the only one!). I already talked about LaBante here and here actually, so have a look at these blogposts to see other ways I styled it!
Then for shoes, I’m wearing my trusty Bourgeois Boheme Jessica oxfords. I got them last year during Black Friday and I spoke about them in this article, and styled them differently in this other article. Bourgeois Boheme is 
Finally, you’ll see I’m wearing a vegan watch from Votch, a brand that is very close to my heart as I consider Laura Stageman a dear friend since I met her and she’s quite possibly one the nicest and kindest people I have ever met. I talked fully about my story with Votch here, which you should read for a heart-to-heart type of blogpost.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know if you’d wear a full-on white look!

With love,