Vegan Look: Japanese Jacket | Matt&Nat and Bahatika

Hey guys!
As you may know already, I lived in Japan for six months during my third year of university as an exchange programme. To be honest, I remember didn’t mind so much where I went, as long as it was in Tokyo! I came back to Europe totally in love with that place, and every spring I see the cherry blossom season and I just die a little inside because it’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry! (I know, I know, cheesy as it can get but, come on, aren’t cherry trees stunning?)
So this is what this jacket reminds me of. It’s got the sakura flowers, the green, the black, and I’m so proud every time I wear it because it reminds me of all the efforts I made a long time ago to learn Japanese and now being able to more or less speak it makes me so happy!

These shots were taken in Parc, a tube stop in Brussels very close to the Royal Palace, if you’ve ever been. If you haven’t been to Brussels then please come, you’re missing out on the best chips of your life! But regardless of greasy topics, I can confidently say that I have fallen also in love with this little Matt&Nat bag and these Bahatika trainers.

I already spoke about Bahatika in this article, so I’m not going to go into too much detail. I will just say that I have been wearing them non stop because they are so comfortable and they go with so many outfits!


                                                       Photogaphy by Noémie Kreitlow

With love,


What I Ate Today | VEGAN & HEALTHY

First of all, good morning everybody and I hope you’re off to a great start of the day.
I wanted to make a “What I Ate Today” video because they are my absolute favourite to watch on Youtube actually. Ever since I turned into a plant-based diet in September last year, I’ve been obsessed with watching what other vegans eat. It’s the perfect means to find inspiration of what other people do and make!
Personally, I’m not obsessed with calories, not with how much protein I eat in a day. Of course, there is a balance to everything, but I don’t go through my day thinking about it. However, I believe in the importance of eating a varied diet, and on the importance of fruits and vegetables contribution to our overall health and happiness. Myself I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my body since I turned into this diet. However I’ll talk about it in a specific post, because I could talk about this all day!
In my attempts at having a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to show you everything I would normally eat in a day at home (at least here in my dorm in London). That’s why you can find a video on my Youtube channel with step-by-step images of how to make everything. These pictures are just a guide for everyone who is just curious to see what goes into a vegan’s diet 🙂
Finally, I’ll just finish off this intro by saying that I know there is a lot of fruits and veggies that may seem expensive, but they really are not (at least to me). I like to spend my money on good fruit and vegetables, because I love how they make me feel: light, in shape, and simply happy. I get my fruits and veggies mostly from Sainsbury’s (the market right next to mine); but also from my local fruit market, where everything tends to be very cheap! Of course, where one spends its money is a matter of preference. But I know I’d rather save the money of a pint into some good looking mangoes for instance. In any case, this is not a guide for telling you what to do or what to eat, but simply an example of meal ideas that you can have on a weeknight dinner or lunch or something to prepare for your other half 🙂
Let’s get into it!

Since I came back from Vietnam, I’ve really been enjoying having fruit for breakfast. For all my life, I’ve been the toast with toppings kind of girl. When avocado on toast was trendy, I definitely jumped in the wagon. Now I see it’s getting a bit overhyped, so I don’t usually have that for breakfast (if there is something that you must know about me is that if everyone does or wears something special, I’ll probably don’t do it. Don’t know why, but I guess because I don’t want to fall into the “mass trend”? haha). So, I’ve been obsessed with overnight oats. Perfect for on-the-go mornings. But now I feel like I’ve reached the maximum of fitness guru advice: smoothie bowls.

This is a simple green smoothie bowl with loads of toppings. You will need:
1 large ripe banana
1 red-skin mango
1 Tbsp of hemp/chia seeds (I use a mix of both, excellent for your omega 3-fatty acids and protein)
1/3 cup of oats (will keep you full for longer and will give you extra protein to last for the day)
1/2 cup of oat milk or any other plant-based milk of choice
A handful of baby spinach
I actually freeze my fruits into smoothie packs when I have time. But this time I didn’t so I made it fresh. Usually I prefer when it’s cold, but hey, it still tastes tropical and amazing 🙂
In your nutribullet, place the spinach first, then the banana, mango, oats, seeds, and finish with the liquid. Blend! Pour over your favourite bowl and enjoy with toppings of choice.

In this picture I put – from left to right – shredded coconut, kiwifruit, blueberries, raspberries and pistachios.
You could also blend everything together with no toppings, but why not treat yourself from time to time? A good-looking breakfast can be a great addition to your start of your day.
I’d recommend not blending any red fruits into the smoothie though. The colour will turn brown. It’ll still taste delicious, but not as appealing as this amazing green goodness 😉

This was my lunch. About 3 hours later I had this big plate with tomato quinoa, stir fried sweet potato with veggies, and a simple salad with tomato, avocado and carrot.

To make this, you will need:

1/2 cup quinoa
1/2 tin of tomato sauce (I’m using tomato-garlic because it’s my absolute favourite)
1 sweet potato
1/2 a red pepper
1/2 a red onion
Some cherry tomatoes
1 carrot
1 Avocado
Salt & Pepper to taste (Fun fact: I never use pepper!)

I suggest you watch the Youtube video in which I explain the preparation step by step. 😉

If you’ve never tried cooking quinoa and adding tomato sauce, I highly suggest you do! It’s creamy and great for you. Quinoa, along with edamame, has all the 25 essential amino acids, is a great source of fiber, protein and carbohydrates, and won’t make you feel heavy after a big bowl of pasta. Definitely try if you’re looking for a lighter and gluten-free option for traditional spaghetti al pomodoro!

I made a little extra than I would normally have, so I could have it the next day for lunch as well. This can also be enjoyed cold and is perfect for library days! Bring some fruits for dessert. Strawberries are now in season, so I packed a few in a smaller container 🙂

Before hitting the gym that afternoon, I decided to go for a Japanese inspired dish, so I defrosted some edamame and put 1/2 cup of rice soaking in a bowl.

After the gym, I had a bowl of mango! I had this massive mango standing on my counter for some time because it wasn’t too ripe. Turns out, there was over a bowl of it! I couldn’t finish it though, I ate about 2/3 of the bowl. Plus a red fruits tea in my cool LSE mug that was a gift from my friend Alvaro.

For me, fruit is an amazing after workout snack. Especially if mixed with some kind of nut butter. At the moment I’m loving bananas with almond butter, chia and hemp seeds, or lady apples with cashew butter and cinnamon!

For dinner, my Japanese side took over and I decided to make some miso pak choy with tofu, along with some sticky rice.

To make the broth you will need:

1/2 cup of water
1 Tbsp koikuchi soy sauce (or regular soy sauce)
1 Tbsp mirin
1 Tbsp white miso paste

For the rest:
1 tsp mixed sesame seeds
2 bunches of pak choy
400g of soft tofu (I use the brand Morinaga)
1/2 cup of rice + 1/2 cup of water (cooking in the rice cooker)
In a saucepan, place the water, soy sauce and mirin, and bring to a simmer. Add the miso paste when bubbling and make sure to remove all the lumps with a whisk.
While your rice is cooking in the rice cooker, chop your pak choy horizontally and prepare the tofu.
IMPORTANT: Japanese rice is not cooked like basmati rice. 1 cup of rice = 1 cup of water. It’s a 1:1 ratio!

This is what the broth should look like. By the way, this is also a great alternative to a classic miso soup for when you don’t have your homemade vegan dash stock. I will be sharing that recipe too. But if you’re in a hurry and really want that miso flavour, whip this up, add some tofu, wakame seaweed and spring onions, and bravo! you’ve got some miso soup under 5 minutes.

Place the pak choy in the broth, cover and let them simmer for 5 min. (In the video I steamed the edamame along, because I don’t have a steamer!). Once they’re all soft, add the tofu. Be careful because soft tofu breaks easily. The point of adding it really is to warm it up. After 5 more minutes, you’ll have yourself a warm and filling dinner packed with protein from the tofu, the miso broth and edamame (who said vegans don’t eat protein?) and some filling soft rice. 
Top with sesame seeds for some extra Vitamin K and serve with your favourite green tea. Watching anime at the same time is not necessary, but recommended.
I hope you liked this article, that was a bit different than usual. But I really enjoyed filming it, so let me know if you recreate any of these recipes and I’ll be seeing you all very soon!

With lots of love,