Vegan Look: Khaki Suede | Bourgeois Boheme, Votch, Matt&Nat

Photography by Noémie K.
Hey guys!
Hope you’re all having a good week so far. I’ve been quite busy over here, so I know that it’s boiling out here in London but I still want to show you these gorgeous shots taken by my talented friend Noémie.

I was back in Belgium recently, and called her to shoot a couple of vegan outfits for the blog. We’ve actually worked together several times in the past, but I couldn’t help but brag about her incredible photography skills… She gave me some serious equipment-envy (can you blame me though?)

So I decided to wear this khaki faux-suede jacket from Zara (I’ve seen a couple of people with the same jacket and it drives me crazy! I hate seeing people with the same stuff as me), along with a grey denim shirt that I got in Japan three years ago, skinny black jeans and some vegan accessories.
I’ve already wore by Bourgeois Boheme Grace boots in this and this blog posts. Bourgeois Boheme is a Peta-approved vegan brand that specialises in innovative, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly shoes. These boots are made with microfibre PU (the best kind of eco vegan leather), breathable seed-based linings and comfortable latex insoles. On top of it all, they are handmade in Portugal and they are super stylish!
You will also have noticed my Matt&Natt Scarlett cross-body bag. I also wore it here, but I love it for the weekends! I tend to choose hold-all kind of bags, since I love carrying all my stuff in one place, but this one is perfect for the little bits and bobs when you pop into the grocery store. Matt & Nat make vegan and eco-friendly bags. All of their bags have recycled plastic bottle linings and I can confidently say that every vegan has at least one bag of them in their closet!
I absolutely love my Votch watch too. This one is the classic model in black and gold, but they have so many other colours as well. Whatever your heart desires!
Hoping you all liked this outfit, I wish you a gorgeous day!
Photogaphy by Noémie Kreitlow
With tons of love,

Vegan Look: White on White | Bourgeois Boheme, Votch, LaBante

Hi guys!
I really hope you’re enjoying the new pictures lately, I want to share every single shot that Simon Way shot during the Votch New Collection photoshoot campaign. They’re honestly so good I wish every picture on my Instagram (@marta_canga) and my blog had pictures this good.
I’m back with another vegan and cruelty-free outfit, head to toe. This time, I combined my white trousers from my previous post, with a white jumper, and black accesories. I honeslty really like how they turned out, and it’s particularly appropriate for this time of the year. Of course you can add more colour to it, but I’m quite minimalistic and I feel more confident when I actually don’t wear bright colours. But hey! At least I’ve got the flowers in the background to give these shots a bit of life! 😉
For this outfit, my accessories are what makes it all vegan and PETA-certified. I have been wearing the LaBante Demi bag non-stop since I got it, as it’s got so many little compartments, zippers and pockets which makes it perfect for me. Call me Mary Poppins if you wish, but I love to have everything I need in my bag, and it has to be super organised. Otherwise it drives me crazy (If you have a little OCD with neatness like me, please make yourself known, I don’t want to be the only one!). I already talked about LaBante here and here actually, so have a look at these blogposts to see other ways I styled it!
Then for shoes, I’m wearing my trusty Bourgeois Boheme Jessica oxfords. I got them last year during Black Friday and I spoke about them in this article, and styled them differently in this other article. Bourgeois Boheme is 
Finally, you’ll see I’m wearing a vegan watch from Votch, a brand that is very close to my heart as I consider Laura Stageman a dear friend since I met her and she’s quite possibly one the nicest and kindest people I have ever met. I talked fully about my story with Votch here, which you should read for a heart-to-heart type of blogpost.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know if you’d wear a full-on white look!

With love,

Vegan Look: Green Blazer

Hi guys!

I am a big fan of green as you may have noticed from previous posts. On my recent trip to Manchester, my friend Nora and I picked up this same blazer at Zara and I have, since then, been wanting to show it to you. It’s a gorgeous deep green, with three buttons on each side and slightly long. Perfect for those of us who like to dress androgynous sometimes.

What’s best about it? It’s made from Tencel or also called Lyocell. This is a natural and sustainable fibre is made out of wood (crazy, huh?), is biodegradable and hence environmentally friendly.

Speaking of new things, I also want to show you my new LaBante bag, that I purchased after showing you my vegan bag wishlist a couple of weeks ago. The first time I saw it it reminded me of those Céline bags you see everywhere on Pinterest, but considering that this one is vegan and much more affordable, I think I hit the jackpot! 😉

LaBante is a PETA certified bag and accessories brand that focuses on producing vegan, ethical and environmentally friendly fashion for all women. All their materials are ethically sourced with no animal cruelty, and the linings of the bags are made of recycled polyester. Dust bags and tags are also made with recycled materials, and on top of all this, 10% of the profits go to charity! I already have the Serin Quilted Bag, as I showed you in this blog post, but honestly, I just love their ethical but luxurious handbags.
Finally, I will not let go of my vegan Olivia loafers from Bourgeois Boheme! These 100% leather-free, eco-friendly and ethically handmade beauties have been produced in Portugal. With super comfortable natural latex insole, they are lined with breathable and biodegradable plant-based bio-polyoils.

I cannot wait to wear these again in another outfit. Perhaps with some vegan burgundy lipstick and a bun?

Thank you for reading this blog post, and see you all very soon!

With love,

Vegan Look: Pyjama Shirt and Matt&Nat bag

Hi guys!

I am publishing this blog post all the way from Spain, where I am originally from and spending some time with my big family. I have to admit that I took these pictures a little while ago, but I’ve got so much content it’s hard to schedule everything sometimes! (#thestruggleisreal). If you want to see some daily uploading, don’t forget to check out my Instagram at @marta_canga.

Here is a flash blog post from an outfit I recently wore in Belgium. As you may know already, I was actually born and raised there and so my parents live there. I try to travel back to Brussels once a month. I love going back though, as I’m always welcomed by my small room where this blog started, my lovely family dog, and very enthusiastic parents that I am incredibly grateful for having (Apart from the fact that I love hearing the strong Belgian accent that I miss from time to time!).
This time, I was super happy to go to Brussels for an entire week, so I had a little more time to spend perfecting blog posts, images, trying skincare products, and obviously… To walk around in the sunshine! 
Spring has finally sprung.

Say hello to my new Matt&Nat bag, that I showed you in my vegan bag wishlist here. Matt&Nat is a brand that I discovered when I was transitioning into a vegan closet. They have many resellers in the UK, but I must admit that buying online is the best option for me, as they have so many different models and colours…! This is the Scarlett model, and it’s an eco-friendly and vegan bag, and its lining is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

I wore it with my beloved Olivia loafers from Bourgeois Boheme, which I talked about here and here, and an all-black everything outfit, that may have been a little too hot for the day!

I hope you like this outfit, and see you on Wednesday for another blogpost!


Vegan Look: Green Skirt

Hello everyone!

Today I’m bringing you an outfit I wore recently here in London. I purchased this deep green skirt from Asos, and I don’t actually recall ever showing it to you! I have actually worn it a couple times but never really had time to put it together in an outfit. In fact, I’m selling it right in the SHOPsection above the navigation header.
As I was browsing through my Pinterest, I saw that the deep green suede skirt with front buttons was quite a thing, along with its camel version. But since I refuse to wear leather and have spoken about cruel leather production in this article, here is the alternative that I thought was quite cute for this transitional period into spring.

I paired it with my Over the Knee boots, kissing them goodbye for the rest of the season and probably seeing them again in September. A simple white jumper, silver jewellery, and my vegan bag from Urban Outfitters.

Are you ready for spring? I know I sure am!


With love,

Going Leather-Free?

Hi guys, and weclome back to another blog post.
I hope you had a fantastic New Year’s day and that you enjoyed my pictures of Rome. This year I’ve scheduled a few flights and trips already, and will be purchasing new camera equipment, so be prepared for a lot of travel pictures and real-time updates!
Today I wanted to talk about a subject that I’ve discovered quite recently, which is the one of vegan leather or cruelty-free fashion. Just as beauty brands are doing less and less experiments on animals (which is a cause that I deeply care about), I find that fashion is not quite there yet.
Considering the health of our bodies and the benefits of a vegan diet are great. But I believe that it doesn’t make much sense to eat a plant-based diet, but then to buy leather goods and fur. For once thing, regardless of being vegan or not, I find it sad that in the world that we live in today and the advanced technology that we are able to get, that people still buy real fur.
I mean, no.
No, no.
Rabbits, foxes, and even reptiles are often mutilated alive, their skin ripped off and for what: for a day’s outfit? Not worth it. Today you can get so many good faux fur items that I still cannot believe people dare wearing real fur! In my recent trip to Spain, I was brought to a real fur shop with my family, and I had to leave because my brain couldn’t stop thinking about all those images I’ve seen from PETA and many other associations, showing the real side of human cruelty when skin’s ripped off.
I know we all love little cute rabbits on our Instagram and Facebook feeds, so why do we close our eyes when it comes to bag pom poms and sweaters?

Now let’s talk about a tricky one, which is leather. 
Simply put: the meat and dairy industries are obviously correlated. As you may know, male cows go straight to the slaughterhouse, while female ones are exploited for milk until they are no further profitable, and then sent to the slaughterhouse. Human consumption of meat is limited to certain parts of the calf. So their skin is directly sold to fashion powerhouses, who then turn it into leather goods that we’ve always seen: shoes, bags, jackets… etc etc. Sadly, every year, over one billion animals are killed just for the leather industry, and the saddest part is that cats and dogs are also used to create leather, which are always mislabelled on purpose and you don’t even know you’re wearing it.
Now onto the real tragedy: cows are forced to walk for days, often without food and water, in awful conditions (often in India and China), and the cattle that collapses sees their bones broken or eyes filled with chilli pepper… Cows are complex animals that can feel pain, are intelligent, and can even mourn the death of their friends and family. Furthermore, many chemicals such as zinc, lead, dyes and cyanides are used for the production of leather as we know it today. These toxic compounds do not desintegrate easily.

Now let’s talk about the good news. More and more people realise today the level of cruelty of these practices, among which, myself. That’s why today I’m showing you an entirely vegan and eco-friendly outfit that I’m really proud of!

There are many ways you can shop consciously, but let’s start with accesories, which are the easiest for me. There is a new kid in town called Bourgeois Boheme, and they specialise in vegan and ethical shoes. The quality is INSANELY good, and when you open the box, you can even smell the leather, but it’s not! Well, actually it is. Not animal leather, of course, but plant leather. Say what?

Bourgeois Boheme is a London-based brand, created by an ex-pediatrist named Alicia. The shoes are made in Portugal in a sustainable manner, and is one of the most established vegan footwear brands out there. For their vegan leather, they use:

  • Cotton-backed Microfibre PU (Polyurethane): it’s a microfiber very similar to natural leather and suede.
  • Bio-Polyoils: a cool recycling process of plant-based polymers. Meaning that grains and seeds derived from cereals rather tham from petrochemicals. This process also means that the CO2 emissions are at zero level. 
  • Piñatex: Coming soon, and truly excited about this one – this is a natural and sustainable textile made from pineapple leave fibres. They are coming out in May this year!

Many high-street stores also make leather-imitation goods, like my skirt. However, these ones are often made with PVC, a plastic that contains chloride and is not bio-degradable.

Here I am enjoying a little soya latte from Costa. Yum yum

Ultimately, the choice comes to down to you, and how you want to invest your money. There are many other vegan leather brands out there, and I will be writing a detailed blogpost about it soon!
I want to live a life where I know where I spend my money in, and making choices that I’m proud of. I would always feel guilty when I would watch PETA’s videos showing animal cruelty, and by going on a vegan diet, I’ve decided to make better choices for the animals and the ever-so-damaged environment. Perhaps the hardest thing about it all is having to say ‘no’ to the biggest luxury houses that I’ve always admired, but knowing I’m doing something good feels so much more powerful than spending thousands on a crocodile or baby cow bag.
And you? What’s your position about this topic? I’m looking forward to reading your comments!
VINTAGE COAT (bough in Japan 3 years ago)
BOURGEOIS BOHEME SHOES (Jessica model, size EU 37/ UK 4)
With love,