Vegan Look: Khaki Suede | Bourgeois Boheme, Votch, Matt&Nat

Photography by Noémie K.
Hey guys!
Hope you’re all having a good week so far. I’ve been quite busy over here, so I know that it’s boiling out here in London but I still want to show you these gorgeous shots taken by my talented friend Noémie.

I was back in Belgium recently, and called her to shoot a couple of vegan outfits for the blog. We’ve actually worked together several times in the past, but I couldn’t help but brag about her incredible photography skills… She gave me some serious equipment-envy (can you blame me though?)

So I decided to wear this khaki faux-suede jacket from Zara (I’ve seen a couple of people with the same jacket and it drives me crazy! I hate seeing people with the same stuff as me), along with a grey denim shirt that I got in Japan three years ago, skinny black jeans and some vegan accessories.
I’ve already wore by Bourgeois Boheme Grace boots in this and this blog posts. Bourgeois Boheme is a Peta-approved vegan brand that specialises in innovative, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly shoes. These boots are made with microfibre PU (the best kind of eco vegan leather), breathable seed-based linings and comfortable latex insoles. On top of it all, they are handmade in Portugal and they are super stylish!
You will also have noticed my Matt&Natt Scarlett cross-body bag. I also wore it here, but I love it for the weekends! I tend to choose hold-all kind of bags, since I love carrying all my stuff in one place, but this one is perfect for the little bits and bobs when you pop into the grocery store. Matt & Nat make vegan and eco-friendly bags. All of their bags have recycled plastic bottle linings and I can confidently say that every vegan has at least one bag of them in their closet!
I absolutely love my Votch watch too. This one is the classic model in black and gold, but they have so many other colours as well. Whatever your heart desires!
Hoping you all liked this outfit, I wish you a gorgeous day!
Photogaphy by Noémie Kreitlow
With tons of love,

Vegan Look: Black and White

Hey guys, 
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of content I still need to write to go with all the pictures I’ve taken over the last two months. I’ve also been travelling back and forth quite a bit so I’m looking forward to settling down a bit and get all the new bits for my new flat ready and be established in London once again.

These pictures my sister and I took in Oviedo, northern Spain. For those of you who don’t know, that’s where I’m originally from and Spanish is in fact my mother tongue. So I like to go back home from time to time to say hello to family and spend some time speaking only Spanish
These boots you may have already seen on my Instagram already, they are the Grace model from Bourgeois Boheme that I absolutely love. I don’t know about you, but I’m such a boot sucker. I practically only wear boots, never really trainers or anything that doesn’t elevate a look a bit. I used to have so many pairs before I went fully vegan, so I’m quite happy to share my first vegan pair with you in this article. Bourgeois Boheme is a Peta-approved vegan brand that specialises in innovative, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly shoes. These boots are made with microfibre PU (the best kind of eco vegan leather), breathable seed-based linings and comfortable latex insoles. On top of it all, they are handmade in Portugal and they are super stylish!
Such a sober look would probably require a special location, you would argue. However, I found that these grey stairs made the whole minimalism stand out. I’m less and less into colours and more and more into classic colours. And even though sometimes I do get stuck in a rut, I do love my black and whites and will probably never get tired of this combo!

I hope you liked this outfit, and good-bye from sunny Greece, which is where I am at the moment!
BOURGEOIS BOHEME BOOTS (sold out). Similar here
With all my love,

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Vegan Look: Green Skirt

Hello everyone!

Today I’m bringing you an outfit I wore recently here in London. I purchased this deep green skirt from Asos, and I don’t actually recall ever showing it to you! I have actually worn it a couple times but never really had time to put it together in an outfit. In fact, I’m selling it right in the SHOPsection above the navigation header.
As I was browsing through my Pinterest, I saw that the deep green suede skirt with front buttons was quite a thing, along with its camel version. But since I refuse to wear leather and have spoken about cruel leather production in this article, here is the alternative that I thought was quite cute for this transitional period into spring.

I paired it with my Over the Knee boots, kissing them goodbye for the rest of the season and probably seeing them again in September. A simple white jumper, silver jewellery, and my vegan bag from Urban Outfitters.

Are you ready for spring? I know I sure am!


With love,